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The business activities of Maphar include registration, production, distribution and marketing of pharmaceutical and par pharmaceutical products as well as dietary ranges and medical devices.

Products registration

Maphar has a skilled Regulatory Affairs department. The role of this team is to:

  • Define regulatory strategies in accordance with the specific regulations of Morocco and our client’s commercial priorities
  • Handle the maintenance of portfolios from a regulatory viewpoint, ensuring conformity with all local regulations
  • Introduce and implement suitable processes and monitoring tools for our regulatory clients activities
  • Reimbursement and product listing : value proposition; regulatory agencies interactions

An industrial know how

Our mission is to :

  • develop
  • produce
  • package
  • distribute

High quality medicines under:

  • optimal safety conditions,
  • at competitive costs

Maphar has deployed a strong industrial investment policy

Zenata production site (Casablanca):

  • Zenata site is approved by the WHO (World Health Organization) for the production of the ASAQ anti-malarial exported in more than 30 African countries.
  • Streamlining and overhauling the Zenata production site to international standards with an investment of more than €40M.
  • A large range of galenic forms.
  • 66 million packaging units (Moroccan market + export) manufactured in 2013: (20% production share of the full Moroccan pharmaceutical industry).
  • First and biggest industrial site in Morocco.
  • Quality level complying with European GMP (Good Manufacturing Product) and H.S.E (Health Safety Environment) requirements).


ZENATA Industrial Development

A new industrial investment : ZENATA Industrial Development

  • Face the strong increase of export business
  • Launch new products (By the Maphar laboratories partners) for the Moroccan markets : princeps, generic and CHC
  • Surface: 400 m2
  • Galenic and analytic activity
  • Industrial support to Zenata site
  • More than € 1M investment
  • Starting date: end of 2013

Download the geographical presence of Sanofi's industrial sites around the world in PDF

ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications

Maphar received in 2012 ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications for its HSE management system and environmental certification. A vital step to ensure safety, occupational health and environment performance at Zenata site.

The ISO 14001 environmental certification involves setting up a management system that covers all of the site’s environmental impacts, from effluents, waste, and air emissions to natural re-sources and energy.

The OHSAS 18001 certification covers all aspects of safety and health at work.

Supply Chain expertise

New and modern logistics platform (One of the Sanofi’s biggest platform and the largest in Africa):

  • Starting date: April 2013
  • investment of € 20M
  • Area of 12,200 square meters
  • Capacity for 14100 pallets
  • 1300 products references
  • Radio Frequency Identification for stocks management
  • « Pick to light » system for order picking
  • Quality level complying with European GDP (Good Distribution Practices) and H.S.E (Health Safety Environment) requirements)

Distribution centerPick to light

Report: Opening of a new logistics platerforme of Maphar

A fully integrated services

Maphar also provides services linked to business support.

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A fully integrated services

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