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« What we are looking for »

As a global healthcare company, maphar is deeply committed to addressing the unmet healthcare needs of patients around Morocco.

We are looking for partners interested by the Moroccan market. The business activities of maphar concern, registration, production, distribution and marketing of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products as well as dietary ranges and medical devices.

Maphar also provides services linked to business support and HR management of the sales force.

« Partnering process and management »

Maphar have developed a simple, clear process to get opportunities to evolve from the first contact to a successful partnership. Along the evaluation and negotiation process, a single experienced project manager will be with you to simplify communication and to improve mutual understanding.

The project manager ensures the smooth transition from the negotiation step to the integration & alliance management. This project manager will be supported by a team of selected experts who will help evaluate your project.

Evaluation & negotiation steps

1. After the first contact, on the basis of non-confidential data, we will evaluate maphar interest in your project.

2. Upon signature of a Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA), a project manager is appointed.

3. Non-Binding Offer (NBO).

4. Once we agree with the terms and conditions of the deal, a Contract is signed.

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